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  • BlindLadyJustice Cropped

    Impartiality in the Criminal Justice System

    ne of the guiding principles of our legal system is impartiality. It is also a value derived from all the world’s great religions. No matter how great a personality, or how humble; no matter how rich and famous and no matter how unknown and poor, …

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    Just thought, in light of my earlier post, I’d update the blog: my husband finished the Spartan Race alive and well!  It was really nothing to worry about, although, I must admit I had quite the adrenaline pumping through my system that day, and didn’t …

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  • Spartanrace

    Waivers In Montana

    I come from a long line of worriers. Both my grandmothers were champions at it, and I began to worry young. I love my job, but it does very little to help my tendency to fret. Professionally, I witness firsthand the fallout from the times …

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  • Girl Jumping Win

    A Victory

    It’s good to win.  It’s even better when your win is something you believe in 100%. I occasionally represent people or businesses in Justice Court – which is basically small claims court here in the Flathead.  It doesn’t happen often, on the civil side of …

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