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  • MP910216383

    Who Should Pay? Part 2

    For the entire first part of this post, click here.  To summarize:  in a health insurance and medical provider vs. injured party situation, should the health insurance  pay before the auto insurance does? Or, should the medical provider be forced to accept the discounted health …

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  • MP900302943

    Who Should Pay? Part 1

    It’s a touchy subject to those in the healthcare industry. It’s a touchy subject to those injured in car wrecks and other accidents where liability insurance is available. It’s something not well understood by the general public – or, apparently, the Montana Supreme Court. “It” being the …

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  • MP900422458

    A Tale of Medicare Bureaucracy

    Sometimes I wonder if injured parties are going to be able to get their foot in the door of the courthouse 20 years from now. I feel like it’s pressing in on all sides: most of my fellow Flathead valley neighbors think personal injury lawyers like myself …

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  • SteppedOn

    Insurance Bad Faith is Clinging to Rumors with No Substance

    Anybody out there NEVER been jerked around by an insurance company?  *crickets*  Hello?  This thing on? Ok.  Anybody out there ever BEEN jerked around by an insurance company? Ah, yes.  That’s what I thought.  Everybody has had their bad/frustrating/time-consuming/patience-draining/insert-your-own-adjective experience(s) dealing with an insurance company. …

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