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  • Thoughts on Halloween

    (Photo of my kids last Halloween trick-or-treating at the office) I suppose that whatever your profession, you find yourself viewing life in terms of your day job. Contractors probably do it: “I know why that wall’s not plumb..” Dentists do it, “we only have sugar-free …

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  • Having a Lawyer as a Parent

    I am a parent of two young children.  Parenting is difficult, uncharted territory, so I do what is natural to eggheads everywhere:  read books on the subject.  One particular book expounded the virtues of using the Socratic method to parent.  This book argues that, if …

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  • Digging Out

    Well, hello there, cyberspace.  The day-t0-day grind at my desk has changed dramatically in the last couple weeks, as Terry McCall left the firm for warmer pastures in New Mexico.  Meaning, I inherited all of Terry’s work.  Meaning, I’ve been logging a lot of hours …

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  • Shrug

    On Why Lawyers Always Answer, “It Depends”

    I once griped to a co-worker that I look young. He told me not to worry, that I was “starting to show my age.” And, in my thirties, I guess I am. Starting to develop some wrinkles and grey hairs, but…I still look young. I’m …

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  • MP910216383

    Who Should Pay? Part 2

    For the entire first part of this post, click here.  To summarize:  in a health insurance and medical provider vs. injured party situation, should the health insurance  pay before the auto insurance does? Or, should the medical provider be forced to accept the discounted health …

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