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    I can’t tell you how many people have I’ve talked to who’ve been in an accident and say, “thank goodness I didn’t get hurt.  My neck’s a little sore, but it’s only whiplash.” Granted, I agree that it’s a wonderful thing to be able to …

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    Kudos for Keeping Local Playground Safe

    At a deposition earlier this spring, during a break in the action, I was chatting with the two defense attorneys about how this profession really colors the way we’re raising our kids. The one defense attorney remarked, “yeah, I look at play ground equipment and …

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    Anatomy of an Injury Lawsuit

    One thing I love about this line of work is the variety. There are many different kinds of injury lawsuits. They range from auto accidents to building code violations to professional malpractice. Each client is different. Witnesses to a case are varied in both their knowledge and ability …

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    The Journey of An Injury Lawsuit

    A question I get asked pretty regularly is: “so, if I hire a lawyer, does that mean I’m going to trial?”  In injury cases, the answer is “probably not.” In Montana, the statute of limitations for negligence is 3 years. Which means that, in most injury …

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    To Justice

    The previous parts of this story can be found here and here. In March of 2010 – four years after we had filed the lawsuit and seven years after our client’s husband’s death – the case came back to the District Court. We again began …

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