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  • MP900422458

    A Tale of Medicare Bureaucracy

    Sometimes I wonder if injured parties are going to be able to get their foot in the door of the courthouse 20 years from now. I feel like it’s pressing in on all sides: most of my fellow Flathead valley neighbors think personal injury lawyers like myself …

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  • Spartanrace

    Waivers In Montana

    I come from a long line of worriers. Both my grandmothers were champions at it, and I began to worry young. I love my job, but it does very little to help my tendency to fret. Professionally, I witness firsthand the fallout from the times …

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  • MP900442518

    The Journey of An Injury Lawsuit

    A question I get asked pretty regularly is: “so, if I hire a lawyer, does that mean I’m going to trial?”  In injury cases, the answer is “probably not.” In Montana, the statute of limitations for negligence is 3 years. Which means that, in most injury …

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  • Turtle Copy

    To Justice

    The previous parts of this story can be found here and here. In March of 2010 – four years after we had filed the lawsuit and seven years after our client’s husband’s death – the case came back to the District Court. We again began …

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  • 1330873 Courthouse

    Moving On

    For the first part of this story, you might want to read this post about Indian Law. In 2003, one of our clients lost her husband when he died of prescription medicine poisoning – we believe that his doctor had been prescribing him excessive amounts …

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