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Lyle G.

I was in my pickup truck with three other people when some fencing from another vehicle fell off it’s trailer and knocked the front bumper off my truck. Everyone was hurt in the accident. Allstate initially agreed to pay for any and all medical bills, but then they decided my injuries weren’t related to the accident. I had hired another law firm in town and they told me to take what Allstate offered ($15,000) but i had $40,000 in medical bills! I asked a friend to recommend another lawyer and they recommended Lee Henning. Lee didn’t want to take the case but after reviewing my medical records he felt that the Allstate was not treating me fairly. Even though he knew he wasn’t going to make a lot of money on my case he worked hard for me and didn’t give up (like the other company).
Sometimes treating a person right is more important than the almighty dollar! Lee got my medical bills paid and I got some extra money to pay off some other expenses I had put on my credit card. I have recommended Lee to my friends already.

Holly S.

I asked my preacher for advice on retaining a lawyer and he advised me to call Henning, Keedy & Lee. I worked with Becky Rutz and Lee Henning. I felt that I had the best experienced lawyers in Montana, they were very knowledgeable and spoke to me in a way I could understand. I felt overwhelmed at times and they were very positive and encouraging thoughout my whole trial with the car accident, health problems and even my faith. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I have already recommended friends and people I have spoke(n) with. They are truly great people and very sincere and care about their clients.

Jennifer H.

We worked with Becky Rutz at Henning, Keedy & Lee. Thank you for helping us with our estate planning. Also, thank you for sending the “Memorandum as to Dispositiion of Tangible Personal Property” forms. It was a pleasure to work with you. We appreciate you!!!!!

Dick H.

We worked with Rebecca Rutz, she was pleasant & professional to work with. She answered my questions and provided helpful insight and options. If anyone asked me about a lawyer I would say, “Go see Becky!”

Jim S.

I was in an auto accident and hurt my shoulder. The other car crossed the lane land and t-boned me. I called Henning, Keedy and Lee from the phone book. I really liked working with Lee Henning because he acts like a regular old Montana person, down to earth and you can talk to him. He’s an up front type of guy. He would always say to me “Give me a couple of days to think about it.” He wasn’t going to shuffle you through the “system”. I had called someone else in Columbia Falls but didn’t like what they said to me over the phone. Lee’s not into what he can get out of my case – he’s looking out for you too!

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