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"Did you know your insurance may not cover you if you get into a car crash? Let's say YOU'RE insured but the other guy isn't...Your insurance may pay to fix your car but not your medical bills and not your loss wages. For that you need Uninsured and Under Insured Motorist overages..."

About Us

About Us – Henning, Keedy & Lee Legal Team

About Us - Henning, Keedy & Lee Legal Team
Our professional work attitude toward our clients

Video about Accidents & Injuries

Accidents & Injury Cases

Lee Henning & Becky Rutz discusses personal injury
There are many different types of personal injury cases. Auto accidents, slip and falls and medical malpractice. They talk about the approach they take in developing the cases.

About Custody and Parenting matters

Child Custody & Parenting Plans

Kay Lynn Lee discusses what to do about children in divorce
Children are a big consideration in divorce. Kay Lynn's focus is to make sure children are not during this trying time for the family.

Divorce Laws in Montana


Kay Lynn Lee talks about Divorce
It's unfortunate that divorce may be a person's first contact with legal system. Kay Lynn talks discusses her philosophy about divorce cases.


Adoption Laws in Montana

Kay Lynn Lee tells talks about adoption and some of the laws that you have to be aware of.

Business & Real Estate Cases

Business & Real Estate Disputes

There are many areas of Business and Real Estate Law
Lee Henning discusses some different types of business litigation.

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