Lawyer Tasks

Lawyer Tasks

You won’t hold it against me when I tell you I was really sad on my last day of law school, will you?  I remember talking to a friend of mine, who was likewise sad about her last day of class.  We were melancholy together.

Although I begged my husband to support me financially through yet another post-graduate degree,  he put his foot firmly down, so I knew that my last day of law school was going to be my last day as a full-time student.  Ever.  And, I loved school.  I was good at it.  I studied hard and aced tests.  I kicked butt on papers.  Got really good grades.  Beat most everybody in rankings.  Loved it.

Law school is all about case law.  It’s about reading cases and analyzing them.  It’s about thinking like a lawyer:  spotting the legal issues, applying the correct rule, making the analysis and then deciding what the end result should be.

When I got my first job as a lawyer, I found myself only being comfortable with doing the “school” things.  That is, researching, writing memos to senior partners, drafting briefs to the court and answering discovery.

Now?  Now when I have a research project, need to write a brief or answer written discovery I sit at my computer and, if I actually get anything accomplished (other than checking Facebook, lawyer blogs, e-mail and Googling opposing counsel) it seems like such drudgery that feel like poking my eyes out.  I’m still pretty good at this stuff, it’s just that I don’t like it anymore.

Years out from law school, my favorite part of the job is digging into the facts.  I’d rather talk to anybody and everybody who has some knowledge about what happened in the case than research the applicable law.  Give me a list of witnesses to talk to over sitting at my computer grinding out discovery answers any day.

Based on this rambley post, I bet you can guess which particular task I need to get done today…


Rebecca J. Rutz

Becky’s primary focus at Grizzly Law is personal injury, ranging from auto accidents to slip and falls and medical malpractice. However, Becky also enjoys assisting people with their estate planning and has also represented homeowner’s associations with their various legal needs.