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Digging Out

Digging Out

Well, hello there, cyberspace.  The day-t0-day grind at my desk has changed dramatically in the last couple weeks, as Terry McCall left the firm for warmer pastures in New Mexico.  Meaning, I inherited all of Terry’s work.  Meaning, I’ve been logging a lot of hours at my computer researching such things as:  will contests, criminal law, and what to do when a judge refuses to order a hearing on attorney’s fees.

If you drive by the office this weekend, you’ll be able to spy me, researching away.  Sometimes, for a change, I even grab the physical copies of the Montana Code Annotated we keep down the hall, to give my eyes a break.   So if I appear to not be at my desk, it could be that I’m just down the hall.  I’m wishing you all in cyberspace a warmer and less work-laden weekend; and hope to have some interesting blog posts later in the month.

Rebecca J. Rutz
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