What the Pig ‘n a Poke?

What the Pig ‘n a Poke?

Welcome to a Pig ‘n a Poke!

pig-in-a-pokeThe term “Pig ‘n a Poke” figuratively refers to a scam or trick that essentially prevents a person from properly inspecting a purchase. The term’s origins date back to a medieval market scam.  Picture the medieval farmer purchasing pigs to fatten up and feed his farm hands.  The farmer diligently inspects the pigs and makes his choice. While the merchant is bagging the farmer’s choice, the farmer graciously accepts a free drink offered by the merchant’s assistant.  Enjoying his delicious drink, the distracted farmer is unaware that the valuable pigs have been replaced with a worthless cat. The farmer returns home head held high boasting about picking the best pigs and receiving free drinks. Upon returning home, the proud farmer lets the cat out of the bag (poke) and realized he just bought a pig in a poke.

There are millions of scams around us that victimize many consumers. In other words, unfair and deceptive business practices or outright fraud prevent consumers from checking “inside the bag” to inspect their purchase, interest rate, or contract terms. I represent consumers victimized by these predatory business practices. This Blog’s goal is to explore unfair and deceptive business practices; personal finance topics; and general consumer rights. My upcoming posts will also delve into landlord/tenant issues, debt collection abuses, predatory lending, and why I practice consumer law. By exploring these topics, I will learn more effective ways to help my clients and hope to help some readers avoid buying a “Pig ‘n a Poke.”


Photo by Kay Schlumpf used under Creative Commons License.

Kay Lynn Lee