Go Check Your Auto Insurance!

Check your insurance policy

Go Check Your Auto Insurance!

I grew up in a Pentecostal church.  I mention this because, working for people who have been hurt in auto wrecks makes me want to evangelize for an entirely different purpose: EVERYBODY, GO BUY UNDERINSURED AUTO INSURANCE!

You need to double check because reckless drivers all over Montana don’t carry insurance. Or if they do, it’s only minimum limits. Minimum limits are $25,000. Which seems like a lot of money until you see how fast those medical bills and lost wages add up. Not even adding in there your inability to … carry in the groceries, sleep through the night, go hunting, hiking, camping, fishing (and all the other things that you might not be able to anymore) if you get hurt in a wreck.

So. Grab your insurance policy and look to see if you have “UM” AND “UIM”. If you don’t see those five little letters (which sometimes look like this: “UM/UIM”) pick up your phone, call your insurance salesperson and say, “I want UM and UIM coverage.” Also, if you don’t carry at least $100,000 in coverage, bump it up.

Can’t tell? Confused? Call me. I will look at your policy for you. No charge.

It is not expensive. My husband and I pay about $16 for this portion of our auto insurance. You can spare the money.

Did I mention that UM/UIM insurance attaches to you (and your family) no matter where you are or whose car you are riding in? In legalese it’s called “personal and portable.” Think of it as your own personal umbrella or body armor. Worth the $16.

Go forth and check your insurance.

Rebecca J. Rutz

Becky’s primary focus at Grizzly Law is personal injury, ranging from auto accidents to slip and falls and medical malpractice. However, Becky also enjoys assisting people with their estate planning and has also represented homeowner’s associations with their various legal needs.