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I've Been In An Accident. What Should I Do Now?

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Uncertainty and worry can be a product of just not knowing your options. When you find yourself in an uncertain circumstance following an auto accident, Grizzly Law’s Auto Accident Attorneys have the experience to guide you through your next steps.

What Should I Do First?

The steps you take BEFORE an accident (insurance, wearing a seat belt, etc.) are very important.  The steps you take AFTER an accident can be just as important. The following summary from our auto accident attorneys provides some initial steps to follow immediately following a car accident.

  1. Make sure you receive the medical attention you need (more below).
  2. Don’t admit fault. That isn’t your job. Let the police officer decide who they think is at fault.
  3. Take lots of pictures and record (write down) all the details of the accident you can think of.
    • If possible, take pictures of all the vehicles involved and any injuries, especially your own. Take pictures of yourself in the hospital. If you have treatment or an operation, take pictures of your progress or difficulties. Ask for copies of any x-rays or scans.
    • Were there any witnesses? Get their contact information. Better yet, get a statement from them of their account of the accident.
    • What was the time of day and weather conditions? If you can’t remember, look at the time on the police report. Look at your pictures from the scene. Look up the historical weather conditions that existed at the time on the internet.
    • What other special conditions may have existed? Write down all the details you can think of as soon as you can, and also as you continue to remember them. Sometimes the small details are the most important. Sometimes, the process of writing down what happened helps you remember other details that you would otherwise forget.
  4. Get a free consultation with a car wreck attorney from the professionals at Grizzly Law BEFORE you determine your next steps.

Tell Providers All About Your Problems

When you do see a physician, make sure you tell them about ALL of your issues and symptoms, even if they don’t seem very severe. The insurance company assumes that if you had really hurt your back, neck, or whatever else in the accident, you would have complained about it during the first and second visits to the doctor. Often people involved in accidents will have major acute problems and secondary nagging problems. Sometimes, the acute problem will get fixed and the nagging problem (which you initially believed would go away), does not go away, and ultimately becomes the long term major physical difficulty. Take some advice from our auto accident attorneys: if you do not make your injuries known soon after an accident, you can be faced with difficulty proving the injury was caused by the accident.

Injured in a Car Accident?

Get The Care You Need!

The most important thing to do when you are injured in an auto accident is to get appropriate medical care. You should do this for two reasons: First, you need medical care so that you can heal. Second, if you don’t receive medical care, insurance companies may conclude you weren’t truly injured.

Financially, this was the last thing I needed!

Financial Woes?
We Have Advice.

After an accident, there can be a lot of financial woes due to unplanned costs. You may be asking yourself: How can I pay for my medical bills? How can I pay for my car repairs? Can I even afford a car accident lawyer? Contact us for a free consultation!

My Bills Are Due. Now What?

Can I get financial help now?

Montana law often allows an injured person to receive immediate help to pay ongoing medical bills and lost wages. There is often more than one source of funds to pay medical expenses. It can be critically important to your final recovery that payments be properly orchestrated from these various funds to ensure a fair final resolution.


How am I going to pay the bills?

If you were in a car accident, car insurance may pay your bills, or health insurance may cover, or there may be other insurance that can apply to the bills.


Can I trust “the other party’s” insurance?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you might not want to try to deal with the insurance company yourself.   Insurance companies are multi-billion-dollar companies that spend millions of dollars training their adjusters about how to deal with you.  Let our auto accident lawyers help. Grizzly Law has the experience, expertise, and resources to even the sides, to provide you with an excellent chance of obtaining a good recovery and to help you deal with the insurance professionals.