Family Law in Montana |
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Family Law in Montana

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What is Family Law?

Henning, Keedy & Lee has several attorneys who specialize in family law in Montana. They know the laws and issues that pertain to divorce, child support, custody, guardianship, wills, probate and adoption and much more. Family units have become more and more complex with yours, mine and ours; biological parents, grandparents, step parents and many other types of family members. We’ve handle pre and post-nuptial agreements and proxy marriages.

So “Family law” refers to legal issues arising out of relationships among family members.

Some common issues include considerations for the parenting of minor children and property distribution issues that may arise in the following situations:

1. Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)

2. Parenting Plan (Custody) determinations for children of separated parents

3. Child Support determinations (usually included in Dissolution of Marriage and Parenting Plan cases)

4. Grandparents’ visitation actions

5. Adoption, Adult Adoption

6. Wills

This is a complex process, we’ve written a Family Law handbook which can help you to understand what is involved.

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