Adoption Law In Montana

Is Adoption an Option?

Child Adoption
Child Adoption

In this world of no-fault divorces, multiple marriages and stepparents in abundance, what a gift you can give your “step” child or children by asking them “Can I adopt you?” These 4 words will let your stepchildren know that they are more than just baggage. They’ll know you really care. Grizzly Law’s attorneys are experts in child adoption and are ready to help you through this important step.

What’s The Legal Process?

A petition to adopt will be filed at the local courthouse in the county where you reside, together with a consent form from your spouse. If the non-custodial parent agrees to the adoption, the entire adoption process should take less than 30 days. You should be aware, however, that if the adoption is approved, the non-custodial parent will no longer be required to pay child support.

If the non-custodial parent has no contact with the children and hasn’t been paying child support, the decision to adopt is a wonderful gift that you can give to your spouse and his or her children from the prior marriage.

What’s the cost?

There is a filing fee paid at the time of filing the Petition for Adoption. If the matter is not contested by the non-custodial parent, our office should be able to complete the entire adoption process for you for approximately $1,000.00.

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