The Process of Dissolution of Marriage

For all cases involving the parenting of children, Montana law focuses upon the best interests of the children.

For division of property in dissolutions of marriage, determinations are made based upon an equitable division of property. Division of property is an additional issue in Dissolutions of Marriage (Divorces).

Montana courts have jurisdiction over all property of the parties to a dissolution, regardless of the origin of the property or in whose name it is titled, and will equitably divide the property between the parties. In making an equitable division, Montana courts will often first award premarital property and inheritances to the person who originally owned the property. All remaining property is then divided equitably, with a common bench mark of an approximately 50/50 division of the core, “joint” marital property.

Disputes over the division of property usually arise from disagreements over whether certain property is premarital or inherited, and the value of various pieces of property.

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