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Where is the help I have been paying for?

Not What You Expected?

Have you filed a claim with your insurance or someone else’s insurance, only to get the runaround? Have they denied or tried to deny your claim for a reason that seems obtuse or just plain wrong? It may be time to get a little help from the legal experts at Grizzly Law. We have experienced insurance claim attorneys. Contact us for a free consultation!

Do I Need An Insurance Claim Attorney?

Believe it or not, insurance companies are “for-profit” companies, and then they try desperately to keep everything they make. Unfortunately, these multi-billion dollar companies train their claim adjusters on how to deal with you when you submit a claim. Even worse, they are really good at finding any loophole or gray area to deny your claim. This isn’t always the case but tends to be the rule more often than the exception. This is where the professionals from Grizzly Law shine, more specifically representation from an insurance claim attorney.


If you find yourself in this situation where you either disagree with the insurance company or don’t understand their denial of your claim, it may be worth your time to seek a free consultation with Grizzly Law to discuss what happened and if you do or don’t have a case.

Starting To Feel Like You Are In This On Your Own?

We have had many cases in which our clients got the run around on their insurance claims. Often, the insurance company knows that your claim is valid, they are just desperately trying to find a reason to deny your claim.

Sometimes, the insurance company will start to work with you and provide one or two checks on your claim, but then the trail runs cold and they stop being as responsive as they should be. This is a sign that your relationship with them may be changing for the worse.


Keep in mind that insurance agents are very good at protecting the interests of THEIR company. If you feel your claim has had a lackluster response or that there is no sense of urgency, it may be time to contact an insurance claim lawyer to provide help. Sometimes, just a letter from one of our attorneys will increase the responsiveness of the insurance agent handling your claim.

Tired of the Run Around?

Don't Give Up!

Many times, insurance companies plan on wearing you down so that you finally give up…DON’T GIVE UP. If you need someone to step in and do your fighting for you, our hand is out and waiting for a tag so that we can jump into the ring! We are pretty good at this too!

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