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Insurance Defense

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Our Insurance Defense Background

Lee Henning and his associates have over 30 years collective experience working for numerous insurance companies.  Since his relocation, Lee has maintained a practice of insurance defense work in Montana and the firm is interested in expanding its defense work on a select basis.

The firm’s strategy in litigating insurance defense cases is to perform an early evaluation of the case and then aggressively pursue settlement on reasonable terms.  If an appropriate settlement cannot be reached, we strive to vigorously provide a top quality defense for our clients, while maintaining a focus on cost effectiveness.  We believe that our broad range of experience and practice gives us the ability to provide top quality defense of virtually all insurance defense cases.  Due to the unique nature of practice in Montana (i.e., a huge geographical area with a small population), it is often necessary to search outside the confines of the state for expert witnesses and other expertise, and the attorneys’ substantial experience in major markets is invaluable in accessing the necessary expertise.

The following is a summary of Montana insurance law which was compiled for some of our insurance clients.  Insurance professionals are welcome to review this information for general reference, however, they should remember that statutes and case law change, and such general information should not be relied upon for specific decision-making in any case.  Insurance professionals are welcome to call the firm to discuss individual cases or issues.

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