Legal Services |
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Legal Services

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We’re an established law firm serving the Flathead Valley for over 15 years.

[teaser]Our attorneys practice in various areas of the law.  We offer services in Family Law, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, Wills, Estates, Accident and Injury, Commercial Litigation and more.[/teaser]

Here is a brief listing of some of the types of cases we’ve handled:


Accident & Injury (Video)

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Family Law

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Criminal Law (Video)

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  • DUI
  • Driver’s License reinstatement
  • Misdemeanors of all types
  • Felonys
  • Postconviction relief ( from district court all the way to the Supreme Court)


Contact Us for Your Initial Consultation

The attorneys at Henning, Keedy & Lee have over 50 years collective experience in addressing your legal issues.
For a initial consultation, please call (406) 752-7122 or (888) 865-8144 or fill in this Contact Form.