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Meet our Team

"If the law's against you, bang on the facts. If the facts against you, bang on the law.
If both against you, bang on a table."
~ Drop Dead Diva, TV Series (2009 - 2015)

Meet Our Law Team

Need a local lawyer to help you with anything from personal injury to family law to bankruptcy to criminal law?  Grizzly Law has the legal experts you need.

Lee C. Henning, Attorney

Lee C. Henning


Lee Henning is one of the founding member of Henning, Rutz & McCormack, P.L.L.C.. Lee was a 1985 graduate of the University of Utah Law School where he obtained numerous academic awards and graduated 5th in his class.


Lee’s personal injury work is split about evenly between his select insurance defense clients and plaintiff’s work. Among his more difficult cases while living in the Flathead Valley were three soft tissue claims. Despite the ambiguous nature of soft tissue injuries, in Yates v. Madsen, Lee’s client was awarded approximately $250,000, in Lee v. Brown, Lee’s client was awarded $97,000, and in McWilliams v. Ortiz, his client was also awarded approximately $97,000. While Lee has had obvious success in these “smaller” cases, his expertise and major case background is best utilized in serious injury, wrongful death, or major economic loss cases. Few of these major plaintiff’s personal injury cases go to trial. Of the major personal injury defense cases, Lee has defended many wrongful death, brain injury, plegia, or other serious injury cases.

While not working hard in the office, Lee enjoys horseback riding, camping and hunting. He resides near Kalispell with his wife and four children.

Rebecca Rutz-Henning

Rebecca “Becky” Henning-Rutz graduated from the University of Montana with her law degree in 2006 and has been working in Kalispell ever since. Becky is a Partner at Henning, Rutz & McCormack since 2016.


During law school, Becky participated in Moot Court where her team won best brief at the Northwest Moot Court Competition held in Spokane, Washington. Becky worked hard at academics, graduating fourth in her law school class at the University of Montana in 2006. Becky’s primary focus at Henning, Rutz & McCormack is personal injury ranging from auto accidents to slip and falls and medical malpractice. However, Becky also enjoys assisting people with their estate planning and has also represented homeowner’s associations with their various legal needs.

Becky is married to Kagan, an engineer in the valley, and has a young family with one daughter and two sons. In addition to spending time with her family, Becky enjoys volunteering at church and can be spotted almost every afternoon walking with a stroller and the family’s over-active chocolate lab around the sidewalks and parks of downtown Kalispell.

Ashley C. Danno

Ashley graduated from Flathead High School in 2006, earned her B.A., summa cum laude from Vanguard University of Southern California in 2010, the graduated from the University of Montana School of Law in 2015.


While in law school she interned at the Lerner Law Firm, the ASUM Legal Services Clinic, and served as president of the Montana Trial Lawyer’s Student Chapter.

Ashley’s primary focus at Henning, Keedy, and Lee is civil litigation, at the District, Appellate and Federal Court levels. She also engages in personal injury and insurance law, probate and estate planning, and wrongful termination.

Melinda R. Cole

Melinda R. Cole


Melinda has been a paralegal with the firm since 1999. She has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of family, criminal, bankruptcy, personal and business litigation law. Her 20 plus years with the law firm is a major asset to the firm.

Keirsten L. Giles

Keirsten L. Giles


Keirsten was a 1970s Montana transplant from California, spending her teen years in Whitefish, and then attending university in Bozeman. She later worked for several years with an international non-profit based organization out of Washington, DC.


The organization focused on community development and maternal/child health programs in southern Africa. She made numerous trips to countries in southern Africa to visit in-country projects. Eventually the green forests and mountains of northwest Montana (and her mom) drew her home again to Whitefish, where she has lived since. Since returning to the Flathead, she has worked mainly in the health care and legal fields, and has been with Henning, Rutz & McCormack since 2005. She especially enjoys writing, and researching medical issues related to the firm’s various cases.

When not working, Keirsten can be found making jewelry, reading, hanging out with her boyfriend or occasionally exercising.

“It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive.”

~ Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the United States