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What to Do in Case of an Auto Accident

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[teaser]So you were involved in an auto accident; what should you do now?[/teaser]

Medical Care After the Accident

The most important thing to do when you are involved in any accident is get appropriate medical care.
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  • First, medical care is necessary to heal.
  • Second, if you do not see doctors, it suggests to the insurance companies that you were not really injured—because if you were truly hurt, you would have gone to the doctor, right?


Tell Providers All About Your Problems

When you do see the doctors, make sure you tell them about all of your physical problems. The insurance company assumes that if you had really hurt your “back, neck, whatever” in the accident, you would have complained about it during the first and second visits to the doctor. Often people involved in accidents will have major acute problems and secondary nagging problems. It is sometimes true that the acute problem will get fixed and the nagging problem (which you initially believed would go away), does not go away, and ultimately becomes the long term major physical difficulty. In such cases, if you did not complain about the issue for some time after the accident, you can be faced with difficulty proving the injury was caused by the accident.

Preserve Evidence from the Accident

The second most important thing to do when involved in an automobile accident is you must preserve the evidence. Once the cars have been destroyed or repaired, the evidence is lost. Get the witnesses names and do not lose the note with the names on it. Timely statements from the witnesses before their memories fade can be of utmost importance. Immediate and quality photos of the scene can be critical in some cases. Photographs of significant injuries can be important to prove what you went through or how painful the injury really was. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Seek Legal Counsel

Finally, seek legal counsel; sooner is better than later. Ideally, you should seek legal counsel before you contact your own insurance company. You definitely should seek legal counsel before talking to the other driver’s insurer. Often, monies will be available to pay for medical bills and lost wages. It is usually important to coordinate payment of benefits from the various policies available to ensure that the right carrier is paying for which items. Coordination of benefits can be critical in ultimately getting you a fair recovery.

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