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When will I receive my settlement?

Every case is different and it is impossible to generalize about how long a given case will take.

However, it is seldom in your interest to make a quick settlement. Why? In an early settlement, the insurance company will offer only what it assumes your minimum damages will ultimately be so the risk that your injuries may actually be more severe than they first appear is then all on you. There are many factors to consider and it is often hard to wait because injuries cause emotional and financial stress. It can take up to six months or more for your body to recover from you personal injury and every person is different. Once you’ve settled there is no going back to the insurance company to ask for more.

Henning, Keedy & Lee strives to obtain a solid analysis from your doctors regarding your long-term physical condition prior to settling, which in a minor injury case may be as soon as a few months from the accident. In a major case this could be years after the injury.

In the meantime, there are often one or more sources of funds available to pay medical bills, lost wages and other living expenses.

What will it cost you to hire us?

Costs and fees are obviously a major question for a person injured in an accident.

If you don’t have enough money to pay medical bills and living expenses, how could you ever pay an attorney?

Generally, the firm represents injured parties on a percentage of recovery basis.  In other words, if you receive no money, there is no fee.

We generally contract for a sliding scale contingency fee and our starting fee is usually only 25% of your recovery.  We work very hard to properly prepare cases and present them effectively to the insurance companies.  In our experience, the great majority of cases can be settled at this 25% fee.  If the case cannot be settled prior to filing suit, or if the suit presents greater than normal problems, then the fee will be higher.

The initial consultation will always be free for a contingency fee interview.

In addition to your case, we will be happy to discuss your fee questions candidly with you during your free initial consultation. If you are not satisfied with our proposal, you have no obligation to hire us.

We’ve written a Free Brochure on Personal Injury to explain in more detail what you can expect if you you have a personal injury claim.

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