Areas of Practice | Grizzly Law
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Grizzlylaw Areas of Practice

Personal Injury

What should you do if you were involved in an auto accident?

The most important thing to do when you are involved in any accident is get appropriate medical care.

First, medical care is necessary to heal.

Second, if you do not see doctors, it suggests to the insurance companies that you were not really injured because if you were truly hurt you would have gone to the doctor, right?

Family Law

What is Family Law?

So “Family law” refers to legal issues arising out of relationships among family members.

Some common issues include considerations for the parenting of minor children and property distribution issues that may arise in the following situations:


  1. Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce)
  2. Parenting Plan (Custody) determinations for children of separated parents
  3. Child Support determinations (usually included in Dissolution of Marriage and Parenting Plan cases)
  4. Grandparents’ visitation actions


Criminal Law

What should you do if you are charged with a crime?

Facing criminal charges is one of the most terrifying events you will ever face and it is important to have dedicated, experienced professionals fighting for you.


Our firm handles:

  • DUI
  • Driver’s License reinstatement
  • Misdemeanors of all types
  • Felonys
  • Postconviction relief (from district court all the way to the Supreme Court)
“The Constitution doesn’t belong to a bunch of judges and lawyers. It belongs to you.”

~ Anthony Kennedy, Supreme Court Justice